Phase 4: Scale-up the circular business model

Exploring opportunities and piloting for full-scale implementation of the new business model.

    1. Engage relevant stakeholders and make agreements for sharing knowledge, infrastructure, and revenues from new business  
    2. Plan and implement a pilot project for technology validation and subsequent large-scale rollout
    3. Together with relevant stakeholders plan and secure investments
    4. Analyse consequences for other business areas or processes in the company
    5. Ensure the business model fulfils triple-bottom-line (People, Planet, Profit) objectives
    6. Analysis of emerging markets and opportunities for growth/expansion


Technology piloting

Moving from a laboratory-scale development directly to full-scale implementation often includes too many uncertainties. SYMBIOMA partners additionally to laboratory-scale development provide piloting infrastructure and other analysis services and assist in minimising risks related to technology implementation in full scale. Link to SYMBIOMA Technology Services


Funding opportunities

Funding for new technology development plays an important role in supporting the first commercial-scale implementation to validate technologies at a commercial scale. SYMBIOMA provides assistance in:

– identification of suitable funding opportunity

– preparation of funding application for a chosen funding source

– gathering consortium for research and innovation development project

Contact us for further assistance:

SYMBIOMA partners can:


Consult and facilitate roadmap development and relevant activities within each phase for its implementation

Facilitate ideation sessions

Facilitate internal and external ideation sessions

Identify stakeholders

Identify stakeholders for new business ecosystem. Knowhow of technologies, technology providers, local industries, their processes, and products can reduce time spent to identify good ideas and stakeholders for their implementation.


Identify and prepare applications for public funding

Circular economy business development and consulting
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Phase 0

Initiation or trigger circular BM development

Phase 1

Analysis of current business model and resource streams

Phase 2

Circular Business model and ecosystem design

Phase 3

Technology and ecosystem integration

Phase 4

Scale-up the circular business model