Analysis Services

The infrastructures available in research and development performing organisations, such as universities and research institutions, have the capacity to serve companies in their product and process development tasks.  

Along with the analytical techniques commonly used in quality control or by commercial laboratories, universities and research organisations often possess the newest analytical techniques for more complex analysis not only of well-identified materials, but also for new substances.  

Our researchers (through their institutional networks) can assist you in:  

  • analyses of chemical composition  of raw materials, side and waste streams from your processes 
  • evaluation of suitability of secondary raw materials for further production processes 
  • analyses of new products that might be economically important  and marketable 
  • supporting the uptake of new technology and product development processes 
  • developing suitable methods for quality control (raw materials, process intermediates, final products, etc. ).  
  • initiating research and development projects for new discoveries and product lines.
Through cooperation with research laboratories, you gain exposure to other interesting/innovative technologies! 


SYMBIOMA Analysis Services


Dr.Tech. Egidija Rainosalo 

Dr. Ehiaze Ehimen  

Dr. Inger Martinussen 

Dr. Leonidas Matsakas