Technology Development Services

Large variety of technical knowledge and experience within researchers in SYMBIOMA network can be utilised in tasks you need to implement when developing new or transferring existing technology to your specific needs. SYMBIOMA network holds partners to assist in every step of technology development from technology scouting and its test in lab scale to pilot scale.

Technology Scouting

Our researchers are constantly following novelties in their own research area as well as developing new knowledge by ourselves. We have mindset, skills and capacity to extract information from scientific literature, patents and websites of other companies to identify potential technological solutions matching needs of your company. Look examples of our work for fish, potato, and brewing and distilling industries.

Laboratory Research

The first step in development of new technology is testing its feasibility a laboratory environment using small scale equipment. Laboratory tests assist in screening various process options, influence of variation of raw material quality on process outputs, critical parameters, process steps and predicting technology’s adaptability to the requirements of the final product. SYMBIOMA process research laboratories /download document.

Technology Pilots

Moving from lab-scale technologies directly to commercial size is risky. We assist in piloting technology and reduce your need for investments in own pilot and other expensive research and development tools.

Energy and Material Audits

Audits aim to analyse how much and how efficiently energy and materials are used in the company, what quality and in what quantities side and waste streams are generated. Information further can be used to compare with other similar type companies and processes and estimate potential for direct savings or establish new value chains to produce new products.

Life cycle assessment

Environmental impact of the product through the life time is quantified by performing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC). LCA and LCC can also assist in choosing more feasible routes to improve company’s environmental sustainability.